8/21/17 The Quaking, Shaking Solar Eclipse: Fall of Icarus

A rare miracle will stretch across fourteen states from Oregon to South Carolina. A twist on making America great, it eclipses the country’s middle, darkening the sun and turning day to night. “A thing most strange,” as Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth. You don’t have to watch in order to experience its life-changing effects. Native Americans say this is a sacred union of sun and moon and it is not for us to watch.

Eclipsing what is on show – the cover-ups – superficial mirages: the buried truth comes out. Liberation! Here is where we can all stop pretending and being so terrified.

For your sign: here’s where you must accept, nay, embrace your reality. Kicking and screaming through the days leading up to the eclipse.

And where you experience a sea change. Painful but oh so healing.

You can finally be honest about:

Aries: True passions. Your creations / offspring.

Taurus: Home and property. Your parents.

Gemini: Your words and gestures. Close relatives.

Cancer: Finances. What you own.

Leo: Your body. Appearance in the world.

Virgo: Your unconscious. Private dreams.

Libra: Friends. Your alliances and groups.

Scorpio: Public self. Life direction.

Sagittarius: Your education. Cultures different from yours.

Capricorn: That you share with another. (Money or intimacy.)

Aquarius: Deals and agreements.

Pisces: Health. Your work routines.

Gemini’s gestures to impress cease – and he can be exactly who he is. Libra can stop trying to please friends and social groups and just be herself. Aries can be truthful about her passions, Taurus about his parents’ origins, Cancer about finances, Leo about his maturing body, Capricorn about what she has shared, Aquarius about what agreements she made, and so on. Uncomfortable initially, but such relief.

Leo Robert Mueller shines in the news after the eclipse – with a different direction. OY? What’s this?

Astrologers vary with their eclipse predictions and not to join the alarmist American bandwagon, only to note: America as a whole will experience a monetary shift following financial revelations, DC continues its political attacks, and water and tides will be massively lifted.

But there’s more! A clue to what may come again. The eclipse covers 1,500 miles in 90 minutes. Unprecedented since June 8, 1918, with echoes going back to August 11, 1999. What were you doing August 11, 1999?

I predict hubris will fall, just as Icarus did. Wherever we have felt so inadequate that we had to cover up, impress, even lie, we can finally let it all go. Let it all fall, like idols on pedestals, like desperate gestures. We will be free of pride and illusion. C. S. Lewis wrote that pride is the anti-God state.

“It was through Pride that the devil became the devil. Pride leads to every other vice. It is the complete anti-God state of mind.”

Wikipedia describes HUBRIS:

In its ancient Greek context, it describes behavior that challenges the gods which in turn brings about the downfall of the perpetrator of hubris. Hubris indicates a loss of contact with reality.

Icarus was punished by the gods for hubris, flying too close to the sun’s fire melting his false wax wings, and he fell from the sky. Just as Trump’s hubris will bring about his fall. What better illustration than looking defiantly at the sun during its sacred union with the moon? The reality – his blindness – will come out.

This will be a time of reckoning for those who have allowed pride and greed to take over to the extent that they are no longer living in reality. Forcing the eyes open is a painful operation! So don’t be surprised if, prior to your deeper vision, you are in agony.

The planet of reckoning is karmic Saturn, which rules Capricorn, which rules foundations.

And Saturn goes direct August 25, four days after the eclipse. The pendulum swings back. Watch: August 21 – 26.

Capricorn can finally be truthful about shared monies. Higher ups who do not will fall, beginning with (statue) Capricorn Robert E. Lee (almost half his chart is Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron) to still living Capricorns Anthony Scaramucci, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr, Eric Trump, Jeff Sessions, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Flynn. And in North Korea, Capricorn Kim Jong-un.

Capricorn Betsy DeVos continues to be protected by Libra Jupiter until October 10 (as do Libra Jupiter Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump, also a Libra Jupiter.)

As the sun’s power is eclipsed, the moon’s power brightens. Revealing unconscious drives, the inner movement of the world, the energy of the water on the earth: All that is ruled by the moon.

A fascinating point about the moon: It rules need.

When does need become greed, and when does addiction take over?

When does addiction become so powerful that other beings are disregarded?

When does a sociopathic disorder begin?

For the world, this will be overwhelmingly positive. After much doublespeak, the truth – no matter what it shows – will be a great relief. August’s last week will be an eye-opener, in every sense of the word.

Every country has its secrets, but the two most highlighted during this time will be America (higher ups coming off their pedestals) and to a lesser extent Britain (the royal family.)

I end with Shakespeare again – the greatest, Leo Jupiter – who always wrote of the direct connection between the heavens, stars, nature, animals, and human beings.

Thou seest the heavens, as troubled with man’s act,
Threatens his bloody stage. By th’ clock ’tis day,
And yet dark night strangles the travelling lamp.
Is ’t night’s predominance or the day’s shame
That darkness does the face of Earth entomb
When living light should kiss it?

The visuals will be fantastic. But more importantly, we shall see into ourselves.

by the world renown astrologer Madalyn Aslan, original post, Madalyn’s website

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