Top Monthly Horoscope, Sept 2017 – Aquarius

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

Private arrangements and financials stay murky until August is almost over – and then there’s light! After confusion, clarity. After you were ready to just fall apart on your lonesome. As loved and amazing as you are – and you ARE – you feel a lack in the support you need. Which, let’s face it, is financial.

Whether you’re to be funded for your genius grant, or inherit your family’s resources, or receive your due from a partner, or even settle that pesky property matter that has kept you up at nights – you require funds.

September is Virgo month and this means you benefit most by acting like a Virgo: analytical, rational, logical, sensible, detailed, anal obsessive. You will succeed in all your arrangements this way, and will not be driven mad by the delays of Mercury retrograde. Which – happy news – ends September 5, the same day powerful Mars enters your eighth house of shared resources.

An intriguing offer comes up under the new Moon on Wednesday, September 20 – in this same financial area. You are supported here by the majority of planets for the entire month: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Vesta, and that new Virgo Moon on the 20th.

Aquarius, you are so brilliant you should be writing this horoscope. The only thing that I can be helpful for you for September is to advise you not to burn any bridges and to point out that your loneliness is finally ready to go…

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