Top Monthly Horoscope, Sept 2017 – Sagittarius

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

Plans shift, reverse out of your control, yet you continue forward. You step from August’s bewildering end into a wildly ambitious September where you will make your dreams real. Powerful Mars enters your public career house on the same day Mercury goes direct and the next day, Wednesday, September 6, is crucial decision time. It’s key, Sag. You have a chance to set yourself up for life here. On the right path for YOU.

No pressure but this is a critical turning point! Your most important consideration needs to be of others, mostly your professional colleagues. If you piss them off – and we’ve been down this road before together – you lose. Please don’t.

An awesome career opportunity is blasted your way with a new address (or new desk) in the works. So keep your bags packed and your foot on the gas pedal. Life changes drastically with this proposal, even overnight.

Thanks to a purifying new Virgo Moon coming September 20, you are asked to leap on this quickly. Do it. The universe is bringing you to an impressive new level. Bravo, Sag.

The successes you’ve relied on are about to be tested and what no longer works now needs to be left behind. This may include a relationship that has become too demanding…

Your ruler lucky Jupiter lights up your eleventh house of friends and social groups (including professional) for six more weeks, so utilize your ruler’s luck for all it is worth. You receive your luckiest professional break from another during this time – if you play your cards straight. Keep inspired but also stoic and enduring…

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