Daily Love, 28 Aug 2017

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28 August 2017 at 01:00
A certain development connected with your love life could have you punching the air with delight, now or soon. To recognize and embrace this opportunity, you’ll need to ensure doubt or insecurity are removed from the equation. You could be focused too intently on what might go wrong within what should be welcomed as the positive development it is. Try to lighten up and accept you deserve whatever is unfolding now.
28 August 2017 at 01:00
Confidence and enthusiasm permeating your emotional world are justified so don’t treat either suspiciously. You’ll need both if you’re to help a very sweet and potentially heartwarming development trying to unfold to do so. Doubts or insecurities could cause you to see any minor hurdles in an exaggerated way, so believe that what’s occurring in your love life is something that relies on you welcoming it and not believing it’s a harbinger for disappointment.
28 August 2017 at 01:00
A fantastic opportunity exists to form or strengthen a connection in your world, but this relies on you relaxing and being yourself rather than trying to convey yourself in a way you believe you must be seen in. Resist the temptation to rehearse any words or actions you hope will impress a certain person. Be your authentic self and let magic that comes from spontaneity do the work for you!
28 August 2017 at 01:00
Your keenness to ensure a loved one feels well looked after and fulfilled is understandable, but you could be inclined to go to greater lengths than are necessary to do so. This could also be done to the detriment of your own needs so try not to go overboard in showering someone close with love and affection. You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself as well. Give a loved one a chance to help address this imbalance!
28 August 2017 at 01:00
There might have been something safe about keeping a situation between you and a certain person at a particular level, but you could want to explore possibilities to deepen this connection. You’re aware of how flirtatious fun is only allowing you to scratch the surface regarding finding out more about this person. If it’s something more profound you want, then be prepared to experience it!
28 August 2017 at 01:00
There could be much uncertainty within your emotional world or a close relationship, and you could feel a need to detach yourself to get to grips with what you’re thinking or feeling. You could be more sensitive than you realize, and all it might take to embark upon a heated exchange with a loved one is one tiny comment or action from them. Try to resist overthinking what needs to be left alone to unfold organically. There are limits to what you can control or influence now.
28 August 2017 at 01:00
You might be unaware of how strong the vibe of confidence is you’re sending out – and how attractive it’s making you appear in the eyes of someone in particular! It’s not just the sexiness factor that comes from confidence that’s drawing them to you. Your ambitiousness is something they might find difficult to resist. However, all of this might feel a bit one-sided to you. If a mutual attraction doesn’t exist, then say so sooner than later.
28 August 2017 at 01:00
Romantic or relationship progress relies on you trusting your intuition to take necessary steps rather than relying on a grand, ambitious plan. This can also be helped by trusting the wave of optimism and enthusiasm making itself felt in your emotional world now. Amazing things can happen when you feel so energized and enthusiastic, and a certain romantic wish looks set to come true if your effort is guided by your instincts.
28 August 2017 at 01:00
You might need to curtail your romantic reverie to assess if you and a loved one or potential partner are on the same page regarding relationship expectations. A conversation might bring you back to Earth with a bit of a bump, but it’s possible the two of you have differing ideas about what you want from each other. This needn’t be a heavy conversation. Getting a few thoughts or feelings into the open might be the catalyst for your relationship to deepen.
28 August 2017 at 01:00
Putting a loved one’s mind at ease or restoring harmony in a close relationship could be a priority now but make sure you filter every word you say before saying it because you could end up making a promise you know, in your heart, you’ll be unable to keep. Telling a loved one what they want to hear buys you a brief period of tranquility but understand that you’ll be held to your word. Promise only what you know you fully intend to deliver or honor.
28 August 2017 at 01:00
You could find yourself surprised and delighted at how inspired you are by a loved one or potential partner. Where you might have been taking it upon yourself to come up with ideas that appeal to your and your lover’s sense of adventure, someone close could reveal ideas or plans that surpass your own. You’ll love their out-of-the-box thinking, too!
28 August 2017 at 01:00
Certain romantic or intimate experiences you might have looked at from a distance and thought would never be available could be attainable now. This could be as daunting as it is exciting, especially if you’re an attached Piscean aware of how entering unexplored territory can transform your relationship. Whether attached or single, new experiences beckon, and all you need to do is be receptive to them coming your way!

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

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