Weekly Love, 4 Sept 2017

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Mercury has decided to give your house of romance a second visit this month and help you to review the current events. What has worked for you, and what is it that you could change, regarding your attitude towards love? Venus is stealthily making her way through this part of your zodiac as well and will give you a fair and warm hearted approach to your entertainment style. Many a new romance is started whilst Venus, the goddess of love resides here. Enjoy!

Get ready for some racey, pulse throbbing action while Mars is in your romance zone this week for the first time in two years. He has been champing at the bit to return, because he knows how excited you get when he does. Race meets, sports events and dancing are all past times that come to mind. Whatever your circumstances, things are definitely about to heat up because you are an ardent lover right now, who is far from afraid of a little adventure.

Even although Jupiter is in your romance zone, Saturn is keeping him sober with her expectation of structure, and this does not make for a steamy or romantic week. In saying that, there is still plenty of time for friends and fun when the Moon passes through your friendship sector on Friday and lightens the mood a little. You could organise an impromptu dinner or go bowling with your pals. Infatuation often blossoms where you least expect it, especially when it stems from genuine fondness and comfortability.

With Mercury returning to your value zone to give you a new look at an old topic, the emphasis is not so much on finding love, as it is on cultivating more self love. Once Mercury moves on he will hand this job over to Venus to continue. This is one of Venus’ favourite places to be in your zodiac as she loves to pamper and promote your self esteem. There is an old saying that tells us we cannot attract love when we don’t love ourselves enough, and she will show you how to rekindle your flame.

You have had Saturn in your romance sector for some time now, putting the brakes on when it comes to fun, but this week there is a window of light energy through your partnership zone that fills this area with a breath of fresh air. As the Moon passes through this part of your zodiac on Tuesday you may feel an emotional connection to your loved one. This opens the door to passion the next day when the full Moon graces your carnal sector and brings hidden feelings out into the open for your examination.

Jupiter has been doing his job in your value zone and the positive connection that he has had with Saturn this week has got you feeling good about your high morals. Is it time to make that commitment and take the relationship one level higher? Only time will tell, but when the Moon shines in all its fullness within your partnership zone this Wednesday, you may soon find out. Before the Moon and Sun oppose each other in this part of your zodiac, Neptune will have touched the Moon’s heart with a dreamy idealism, and left you hungry for tender love and care.

This week Venus the love goddess, has got you into party mode and is helping you keep your friendships harmonious and relaxed. With the Moon passing through your romance sector on Tuesday and connecting with Venus in your friendship arena, you are more inclined to attract romance from someone within your circle of companions who may share the same interests as you. Complicated or intense relationships just don’t appeal to you right now as you would much rather flit about town expressing warmth and charm to those that are lucky enough to be part of your group.

Love often blossoms in the work place and this week Venus, in your professional zone, picks up some tingles from the beautiful full Moon as it casts its silvery light across your romance sector on Wednesday. This energy could be rather unexpected, and may awaken you to the fact that the current object of your interest has been there all the time. Perhaps the warmth of your charm and sociability has encouraged a colleague to want to get to know you a bit better, and who could blame them?

Venus the goddess of love is travelling through your adventure zone at the moment which has afforded you a taste for the exotic. Foreign cultures and outdoors adventures are particularly appealing to you when she is in this section of your zodiac because your desire is to expand your horizons in some way. There is the opportunity for romantic connections with those of a different background to what you are normally attracted to, and when the Moon transits through your house of romance on Friday and Saturday, you may well come face to face with someone like that in the most unexpected way.

When Venus is in this part of your zodiac she attracts some deep love desires, and this week the Moon also enlivens your romantic sector on Sunday. Anything could happen now, and the atmosphere is electric with excitement. Try to keep your emotions under control, as it is easy to lose your composure to the passion of the moment when you feel so overcome by pure thrill. You could also find that there is an unexpected expose, as Venus extracts an admission of devotion from a lover that you least expected.

The energy that you experience this week is less about flirtatious or romantic encounters, as it is about committed love and devotion. Venus is in your partnership sector and is gifting you steadfast dedication, so that you can show tender love and care to your significant other. At the same time, there is a gorgeous full Moon on Wednesday in your value sector, making sure that your self esteem is strong enough to give, without the expectation of receiving, and you have no problem sharing your love.

The thrill of the full Moon in your personal zone this Wednesday has given you a glow to your skin and a skip in your step, which could get you looking for a bit of romantic attention. It’s all about the balance between self and other right now as the other side of this axis belongs to partnerships and committed relationships. You could be wearing your emotions on your sleeve so be aware of your own needs, but mindful to, that the full Moon could exacerbate them to an unrealistic level.

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