Weekly Top Love, 11 Sept 2017

To love someone we need to self center and spend time loving  ourselves. This week inspiration in Phuket, Thailand,  at the The Baray Villa Hotel

With the Moon receiving an activating energy boost from Mars on Monday through your value zone, there is the opportunity for you to love yourself more, by taking care of your body and your own needs first. Mars is in your health zone, along with the Sun and Mercury, who enters there on Monday. This predicts a month of good health and vitality. If you are to attract love this week, it may be because of your healthy self image and confidence. Head off to your local gym or sports field for your best chances of finding a mate.
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What a great week for romance or attracting someone into your life Taurus! The Sun and Mars are already working their magic in your romance zone and now Mercury is joining them, to help you go back to unfinished business. With the Moon taking on a favourable Mars connection in your house of self image, I can only imagine that you are looking your best. The Moon moves into your value zone on Tuesday and with the help of Venus, boosts your self esteem as well. You have the goddess of love working for you this week so step out and shine!
The Moon passes across the face of your value zone on Thursday and connects to Jupiter in your house of romance, bringing these two sectors of your life together. Jupiter allows you to pamper yourself with something gorgeous that gives you the confidence to delve deeply into the pleasures of your romance zone, where entertainment and fun take top priority. You are in a happy go lucky mood most of the weekend and this attracts flirtatious amusements your way, as you take centre stage and catch the attention of your captive audience.

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This isn’t as much a week for seeking out romance as it is for building strong bonds with existing friends by means of open communication. Mercury is heading back to old ground in your communication zone so that he can help you reinforce lessons learned recently in this area of your life. This is your opportunity to fix and reinforce those lessons now, which could help smooth over any bumps in the relationship road that you have had to journey across recently.

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With the goddess of love in your personal zone you may have been taking particular care of the way that you look lately, which has definitely made a difference to your self esteem. Mercury heads back into your value zone to boost your self esteem even further on Monday which really gets you focused on what you wish to attract into your life when it comes to love. You value yourself at the moment and you are not likely to settle for anything less than what you deserve, especially earlier this week when the Moon passes over Venus and ignites your personal sector with energised, but structured romantic vibes.
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Romance could come from within the groups or circle of friends that you belong to this week, while the Moon passes through this sector of your zodiac on Thursday and connects up with your value zone where Jupiter is currently residing. This energy seems to swell your heart with tenderness, and bring you to a realisation, or generally boost the way you are feeling towards someone. Guard against any fatal attraction themes while Pluto is in your romance zone and the Sun is in your personal sector. There is a propensity for intensity!
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The Moon will journey through your shared resources zone at the beginning of this week, as well as connect with Mars across this sector of your zodiac. This has an activating effect on your passions and could evoke some amorous behaviour within an existing partnership. There will be an opportunity for some deep thought and soul searching this week but as the weekend draws near you can expect to have some light hearted fun with friends and associates when the Moon passes across the face of Venus, the goddess of love in your friendship sector.
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With having Neptune in your romance zone as you have had for some time now, you may not always have the clearest vision when it comes to romantic interests, but recently the Sun opposed Neptune and cast some light on this daze. With the Moon passing through your partnership sector this Monday and connecting favourably with Mars across this part of your horoscope, you now have the opportunity to assert yourself in this area of your life, and make your intentions known, which has a stimulating effect on your love relationships.
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Having had the Moon pass across your Romance zone last week and activate Uranus, the planet of change, you could well have experienced some sudden or erratic feelings of independence in the romantic department. This week things are very different, and as the Moon approaches your partnership sector on Tuesday to make a welcoming angle with Venus, your heart is in the right place, and it’s harmony and cooperation that you seek rather than freedom. Embrace the opportunity for relationship balance that Venus offers you now, and show your devotion to a partner to reinforce your alliance.
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You are experiencing the full gamut of the Moon through your romance houses this week as she flits firstly through your pleasure zone on Monday, and then moves on to your partnership sector, and shared resources area later in the week. There is a very favourable Mars connection to the Moon when she is in your romance zone which affords you energy and self expression within this sphere of life. Romance features highly this week as you tend to expend more energy in this arena than normal. There is also a connection to expansive Jupiter when the Moon passes through your partnership house on Thursday that opens your heart to love and pleasure. Enjoy!
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Romance within existing partnerships is favoured this week as the Moon connects your romantic and relationship zones by touching base with Venus the goddess of love. Your mood is playful and not beyond a certain element of drama as you instinctively place yourself in the leading role of your own stage production. Your power to attract love is off the chain and you have a keen sense of beauty about your aura. Should you find the opportunity to draw new love interests, expect them to be laced with a good dose of creative self expression and fun. By Sunday this should all come to a head in a more serious way, as Venus and Saturn connect to introduce commitment into the picture.
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The Moon moves through your romance zone this Thursday and connects favourably with expansive Jupiter in your passion sector, which super charges your desire to experience deeply connected love. You can look forward to a week of fun and romance as your calendar fills up with social engagements, which gives you a chance to let your hair down a bit. The Sun and Mars have been in your relationship zone for a wee while, but this week sees the added force of Mercury’s presence, as he retraces his steps to reinforce your communication with those that are most important to you. Let the good times roll!
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