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An extraordinary astrologer, with beautifully written and accurate horoscopes. I had the privilege to have a session with Madalyn and it was so peaceful, insightful about my personality and my life path, and the predictions have proven surprisingly accurate so far”   World Top Horoscopes


Madalyn is astrologer for Salon and The New York Daily News. Her first TV reading was of Rock Hudson when she was 14 in “The Martian Chronicles”. Since then, she has read live on CNNBBC, PBS, The Today Show, and Oprah, and is the only palmist in Who’s Who to be auctioned at Christie’s. A member since 15 of British Actors Equity, and a founding member of the National Campaign for Tolerance with the Southern Poverty Law Center. She has never had a publicist; her reputation is word of mouth. She has published columns in ELLE, New York Post, Daily MirrorCosmopolitanSelf, and CHILD.


Madalyn is a notable alumna of South Hampstead School for Girls and Kensington Prep in London, and of The Mirman School in Los Angeles. Legally emancipated from her mother at 16, Madalyn moved from London to New York and put herself through Cornell University, receiving a fellowship from Columbia University and an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College.


  • Member of The American Federation of Astrologers
  • Member of the NYC chapter of NCGR


  • NBC Today Show, hosted by Maurice Du Bois
  • New York Times “The New York Times, LOVE GURU : Madalyn Aslan”
  • W Magazine “Fire Your Therapist”
  • 30 Second Interview “When stars like Uma Thurman and Isaac Mizrahi want to tune in to their psyches, they consult psychic and palm reader Madalyn Aslan…”


Madalyn is best-selling author of What’s Your Sign? and Madalyn Aslan’s Jupiter Signs and is forthcoming with her memoir “Naked Mother”.


Madalyn horoscopes are premium and available for a monthly subscription. Reviews are incredibly good and readers may read the previous month horoscope before subscription.


Madalyn’s assistant works with you to get you the soonest appointment. Please call 212-631-5844, or email:

Readings are conducted by phone all over the world

  • $550 for one hour
  • 100% confidential
  • Recorded as an MP3 and emailed to you.

Preparing for your reading

Find a quiet spot to lie down and close your eyes. Undisturbed for one hour. No other humans should be present, but animals are great. (Cats and dogs LOVE these readings!) Madalyn will do all the work – for you, it’ll feel like a psychic pedicure – so just lie back, put your feet up, get comfy. Your session is recorded and emailed to you, so no need to take notes.

Ask as many questions as you want

From curing writer’s block and family problems, to transforming illness, heartache, impossible choices, and financial, career – or unemployment – angst, Madalyn works wonders with any kind of tension, loss, or fearful change. Your reading will be relaxing, positive, peaceful, and thorough, with images and predictions, including names and dates. Most importantly, Madalyn heals you. Clients glow and report wonderfully high energy for a long time.

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