Make your Chinese birth Chart – Bazi

Aren’t you curious about your Chinese astrology chart (Bazi) and what it tells about you? Trust me and try this birth chart. You will not regret.

Joye Yap is probably the most famous Chinese and Feng Shui astrologer in Asia. You can learn about his profile here.

I had the privilege to have had a consultation with Joey and it was really amazing.  But before you consider schedule an expensive consultation I recommend you learn a bit about your Bazi and do some self -learning.

Joey’s Bazi provides the basic Bazi information which includes your Hour, Day, Month, and Annual Chinese Astrology Sign (animal), and an extended amount of information that unless you start learning about Chinese Astrology or contact a Chinese astrologer it won’t be of much use to you.

But here is what is i think it may be of great fun to you without knowing much about Chinese Astrology. Joye divides the Bazi in three types of information:

  1. The Day Master – Who You Are
    The Day Master in a nutshell is the BASIC YOU. The inborn personality. It is your essential character. There are ten basic personality profiles – the TEN Day Masters – each with its unique set of personality traits, strength and weakness.
  2. The Profile – What You Do

    The Profile reveals your unique abilities and skills, the masks that you consciously and unconsciously “put on” as you approach and navigate the world. Your Profile speaks of your ROLES in life. There are TEN roles – or Ten BaZi Profiles. Everyone plays a different role.

  3. The Structure –  How You Approach the World

    The Structure is your behavior and attitude – in other words, how you use your personality. The structure reveals your natural behavior in life. Each of the Ten Day Masters express themselves differently through the FIVE Structures.

Screenshot 2017-09-19 01.33.15.png

Screenshot 2017-09-19 01.26.48.png

Screenshot 2017-09-19 01.26.55.png


Before you read more get your Joey’s free Bazi report click here and come back!

How does it sound to you? You Day Master, your Structures and Strengths? Interesting :)? Does it resonate?

If you want to learn more about yourself I recommend you get another free report from Joey here (here is an example of a day master career report) and to do more research about the meaning of each Strength. Here is a summary for each.

Hope you enjoyed it! Have fun and if you have any question send me a message on the comments below!

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