Top Monthly Horoscope, Jan 2018 – Aries

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

Saturn has JUST entered your tenth reputation house and man, is he a tiger here. Until March 22, 2020, you are in a marathon for greatness, and no bossiness or dominance will be tolerated. January 16, the new Capricorn Moon brings you your biggest career coup yet. Aim high, and aim maturely. Think long term, not short term – and you’ve got it made! Professionally, you rise highest with hard-earned wisdom – and sink faster than quicksand with an ounce of pushiness.

January is your most supported month of the year professionally with a glorious wealth of planets holding you up. You’ll want to act THIS month, as the rest of 2018 cannot possibly equal this in terms of opportunity. So – right, don’t take the month long holiday in January!

For in your tenth house of stardom, you now have:

The all-powerful Sun

Love and beauty planet Venus

Wise Saturn

Transformative Pluto

Brilliant-thinking Mercury after Thursday, January 11

And that exciting new Capricorn Moon on Tuesday, January 16  – powerful new life in your career at the beginning of 2018!

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