Top Monthly Horoscope, Jan 2018 – Aquarius

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

You won’t know the answers until after January 16 under the new Capricorn Moon and then an improved relationship gives them to you. Your presence is striking as the new year begins, but until mid-month do keep thinking – or working – secretly – on a new plan you have in mind, and lips sealed.

For everything is happening in your private twelfth house, the most hidden zone of the zodiac. In here, you find your ideas, your intuition, your solitude, and your deepest spirituality.

You are not meant to know all that is above the surface at this time. Recent personal events may have confused you, and you need your “me” time to sit back, and lick your wounds, and contemplate.

For in your private healing twelfth house, you have:

The all-powerful Sun

Love and beauty planet Venus

Wise Saturn

Transformative Pluto

Brilliant-thinking Mercury after Thursday, January 11

And that exciting new Capricorn Moon on Tuesday, January 16 – powerful new ideas for the beginning of 2018!

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