Top Monthly Horoscope, Jan 2018 – Gemini

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

Clarity in your financials is crucial, for you’re embarking on a new venture after January 16’s new moon. This is a month of huge ends and beginnings, one of which may be extreme involving a loss. So it’s up to you, Gemini, to be the moderate, sensible one and not take that splurge trip, not until next month anyway (when your house of travel gets cooking). If it’s too late for that, donna worry aboud it! Just use caution in your spending, cook in as much as you can (yeah, I know), and you’ll be okay.

The planets are protecting you financially this month, even though Saturn is set to take you on a strict tour until March 22, 2020, to sort out your monies once and for all.

For in your eighth house of mutual resources and finances – this could be a financial trust, company you work for, a foundation to which you are committed, a spouse with whom you have a joint bank account, a family with shared property – you now have:

The all-powerful Sun

Love and beauty planet Venus

Wise Saturn

Transformative Pluto

Brilliant-thinking Mercury after Thursday, January 11

And a promising new Capricorn Moon on Tuesday, January 16 – powerful new life in your financials at the beginning of 2018!

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