Top Monthly Horoscope, Jan 2018 – Leo

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

Love alters your whole domestic routine! A glorious love affair, your next masterpiece, brilliant product, for some a baby. I predict awesome success! BUT the irony is that in your domestic house you are torn. For mundane details and financial arrangements are requiring a lot of thought and attention.

What a triumph you have made of 2017 – Bravo, superstar! You have worked hard and deserve every golden drop. Now, time to demand your worth, both in treatment (personally), and in finances (professionally). You also, being a luxurious lion, would like to have more spending money…

With the people around you, do not doubt yourself, dear Leo. Lucky Jupiter is newly in your fourth sector of home and, honey, are your insights ON!

Both in love and in business, when you first meet a person – trust, absolutely trust, your first impression. Whatever anyone else says. Go with it, your psychic hit. Absolutely. 100%.

Use this to hire, fire, fall in love, befriend, defriend. It will not steer you wrong.

The only tricky part as the year ends is the waiting you may have to do. (I know, no one likes to wait. We all want it tomorrow!) And despite your take charge position, plans, particularly financial plans, not all may not come through – to your liking – until the beginning of February. So, please be patient, and trust in the universe.

Be patient also with love (I know, I know), and also with your solitary mind and its imaginings. These in particular clear up and move forward positively as March begins.

I hear you saying Whaaat? For now you’ve been juggling so much work, so many duties, jobs, and activities that you’ve barely had time to look up from the grindstone. Imaginings and such may seem like an indulgent luxury, the last thing on your mind.

You are to be forgiven if you have been feeling a bit – stretched.

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