Top Monthly Horoscope, Jan 2018 – Scorpio

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

You accomplish the impossible, Scorpio. Lucky Jupiter blesses your sign until November 8, 2018, and you clear up about a million misunderstandings, especially with those you love. It’s about to get easier tying up loose ends in communications. Have patience with those living at a distance from you. Lay your cards on the table (for once). Have that heart-to-heart. LET people help you. LET THE LOVE IN.

You have a wealth of beneficial planets on hand to help you out here!

For in your third house of communications you have:

The all-powerful Sun

Love and beauty planet Venus

Wise Saturn

Transformative Pluto (your ruler)

Brilliant-thinking Mercury after Thursday, January 11

And that exciting new Capricorn Moon on Tuesday, January 16 – powerful new life in your communications!

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