Top Monthly Horoscope, Dec 2018 – Cancer

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

New work is blessed all year long under Jupiter’s reign in your sixth house until December 2, 2019. This month really begins it. You seem to have just settled a home matter and are finally back in the saddle.  It’s been quite the fall, down quite the rabbit hole, but remember: every loss is a step in the building. And more than finding yourself, you are creating yourself. And I see nothing but happiness ahead as a result. Bravo, Crabby!

My awe for your deep experience, loyalty, tenacity, imagination, sensitivity, and perseverance. You really cannot keep a good crab down.

And especially not this December! For in your sixth house of work and health you have: life-saving Sun, sharp-thinking Mercury, fortune-producing Jupiter, and a new Sagittarius Moon on Friday, December 7. Plan ahead and plan to your heart’s desire. Because with all of these positive forces, a lot that you want is going to come true. (When do I ever get to say THAT in a reading??) And the most relieving part? For ONCE, you don’t have to worry – or feel guilty – about money. That pressure is way, way down.

Your sixth house covers these areas:

Work, work, work

Your health

Daily routines

Exercise regimen

Chores and errands

Domestic and pet obligations

Service to the world

Keeping a sense of humility

Your assistant, nutritionist, cleaners, movers, contractor, and so on: anyone you hire to help you

Mutual respect among professional colleagues

All your work relationships

Particularly in work – and to do with contacts – you win people over: it is a rare and powerful time. Use it well and wisely!…

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