Top Monthly Horoscope, Dec 2018 – Capricorn

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

A new Sagittarius Moon December 7 calls for a mutual agreement. A resounding YES! An end to in-fighting. Success now is very much a case of “we’re all in this together”. As alone as you need to be for much of December – planets blessing your quiet twelfth house – you need to join your tribe for this one shining moment.

In career, you want to explode into a whole other realm. You also want to make more money. You have come through the dark of this inner and exterior struggle and now you are shedding skins, climbing new mountains, a fresh leap into the unknown. No more dealing with the muck of the past. No more casting your pearls before swine!

Out, out damn spot! Like Lady Macbeth, you can’t make room for the new until you’ve examined the old. AND decided on what you don’t want anymore. Meditate on being strong.

There were those who took advantage of you, lied to you, cheated you. No more. Neither they, nor anyone like them, will be let into the inner circle anymore. On their side, they may complain that you are high maintenance, that you kevetch too much. While this may be true, you still need to stick up for your rights – all through the month of December.

Your star is rising through these brilliant strategic moves you will make. You need the main action to rest, with plenty of private time. Your system is still reverberating from the shocks you’ve endured. You can count on the healing activity currently going on in your twelfth house to aid you.

In your soul-searching twelfth house you have all this amazing support: life-saving Sun, fortune-producing Jupiter – for a year! Until December 2, 2019 – sharp-thinking Mercury, and that Sagittarius State of the Union New Moon December 7.

Expect a real aha moment then and – no doubt – a solution, a brainstorming answer!

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