Top Monthly Horoscope, Dec 2018 – Leo

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

You entrepreneurial Leos are at the beginning of a year-long artistic whirl. Jupiter ensures money comes from this too – he’s got your financial back until December 2, 2019. You have more opportunity to make a fortune from your creative self than you’ve had in twelve years.

And December is your most creative month of the year, so trust your psychic instincts which are at an all-time high. Friday, December 7, you fly with a brilliant new idea: a start-up or new business vision is yours for the asking. Dreams will be colorful and vivid.

Despite others’ volatility (until December 3): treasure every moment, and ENJOY. This is a great time for you astrologically. You will, like the lion, purr.

My only warning for the month of December. You will need to wait on certain projects. Not everything can happen exactly when you want it to.

The master plan will have to change. As your plans often involve other people, they’re subject to their foibles, of which there will be plenty.

With Chiron turning direct December 11 in your eighth house of others’ resources, unexpected developments occur in funding, and people behave erratically. Some pull out entirely. And just as unexpectedly, others fill their place! Interference is order of the day, and nothing goes according to plan.

You are a precious, precious gift, with new parts of you being born. And you’re ready for fresh action. Sparkling fun times! Heavy thinking on work and health issues, however, to the point of feeling guilty if you take too much time off. With Saturn in your sixth house until December 2020, that feeling doesn’t go away easily, as derailed as you may be by love. It’s good for you to work; you can sink into a spiral if you don’t.

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