Top Monthly Horoscope, Dec 2018 – Pisces

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

Collaborations are super-blessed now, and the best part is – you’ll feel like you’re playing with your best friend like when you were a kid! This gives you an enormous professional lift as well as a financial one, not only for this month but for the entire year until December 2, 2019. That’s Jupiter throwing you a ton of golden opportunities in your tenth career house. Best MO: accept all graciously, don’t push, especially don’t push on the sensitive souls who most help you.

Your tenth house is rocking, so I certainly understand the pressure you feel. (Yes, you’ve been waiting, a LONG time.) But keep it calm, keep it clear. A time away helps your thinking, brings clarity to your future direction. Beginning November 28 and slowly throughout December, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. You are fortunate in your financial future with another, giving you a valuable commodity called time. No need to rush here, Pisces. You have plenty of support now.

In your acclaimed and most public tenth house you have: life-saving Sun, fortune-producing Jupiter (for the full year), sharp-thinking Mercury, and a wild new Sagittarius Moon on Friday, December 7.

All that your tenth house rules:


Your life work

Public reputation

Honors, awards, accolades

Income from your main profession

Ambitions and attainments

Your popular standing

Professional acclaim

Fame (and infamy)

Recognition and acclaim in your field

Honoring your talents

What you Will be Known As

Your Legacy

And often — your MOTHER.

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