Top Monthly Horoscope, Dec 2018 – Sagittarius

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

Life has a funny way of turning on a dime, and December is one of those times. And dimes. Fame and fortune beckon as old and new dreams coalesce this month. Golden Jupiter is home in its own sign – yours! – until December 2, 2019, and even you are flabbergasted at the smorgasbord of life goodies in front of you for the next year. New opportunities everywhere. As different a path as some present, these will be too good to pass by. Pain comes when you try to hold on to what needs to go. Let it go. Allow yourself to step into this brave new world.

You’ll want to run a fast, straight line, and it just isn’t possible. Your plans are fantastic but there are other people involved and you must be patient. There are simply events that are out of your control, and you need to adjust to them as they unfold.

Especially leading up to December 7. This is a volatile time and you must watch your temper and not push away those who are crucial to your future. You will be on a short fuse, so breathe deeply at this time, Sagittarius. This month resembles a maze, with choices here there and everywhere. Literally anything could happen. The wheel of fortune is at your back, and you are ready to sail.

It is so much more interesting this way, with fate, and other people, and changing circumstances throwing you different choices. And you can see the extent of those choices in a way few can – the expansion of them, how far you could run with them. For you are the magic centaur archer. You let loose your arrows into the far, far horizon – and then let your horse legs gallop you all the way to retrieve them. Brave and fearless. You are not meant to stay in one place all the time.

In the meantime, set yourself a practical schedule, and follow it. Nothing too grandiose. It is a good time to be humble. Even as you mastermind how to take over the world.

I know how much you want to go forward, and feel as if you have been held back. (And you have.)

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