Top Monthly Horoscope, Dec 2018 – Taurus

by the World-renowned Astrologer and Psychic, Madalyn Aslan

As November ends new financial arrangements yield great returns for 2019. Mercury’s in retrograde so results are known after December 1 when he leaves your eighth mutual monies house. December 6 he goes direct in your seventh partnership house, and he returns – all clear – December 12. Until December 2, 2019, Jupiter guarantees a fortune through this merger house. One full year! December is its most powerful month as you have Sun, Mercury, and a new Moon joining Jupiter here. All fantastically positive.

You couldn’t hope for a better outcome! A magician is waving his magic wand behind the scenes. That, or your own brand of magic, is making things right.

Relationships get happier, too, and your beautiful ruler Venus, now direct, breathes a great sigh of relief. In your sixth house, she helps you with doing what you have to do, and sticking to healthy routines. December 2, she departs for your seventh house and spends the rest of the month pouring her love into your close bonds and contracts. Just remember to not sign on the dotted line until after Mercury goes direct December 6!

As Confucius, born Taurus Jupiter on August 27, 551 B.C. wrote, “Study the past if you would divine the future.” You’ve done significant work, Taurus, and you’ve planted significant seeds. An important project you’re working on is about to bring in many returns. As you have the majority of forces in your eighth house, it will be about shared resources and monies with others.

By December 7, the new Moon in your eighth house of trust makes clear why there was treachery.

Financially, if it looks too good to be true – it likely is. Follow your own brilliant gut and do not listen to one who is saying rush to sign on the dotted line. It’s a bad idea. I don’t care how credited this person is. (Someone rash, with a Sagittarius rush forward style, is intent on getting their own way.) Stall for time, wait it out, and follow your instincts. I know the path ahead is not clear right now; it’s OKAY. Wait until it is. It will be. Ask for extra, do whatever you have to do to hold off on a final decision. You won’t regret it.

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